「Stars Of Science」2013 Sawtii

Produced the opening clip for Qatari TV program, "Stars of Science 2013 Sawti".

カタール国にて放送中の科学技術情報TV番組、「Stars Of Science」。この番組内の2013年度 表彰式のオープニングLIVE映像を弊社にて担当、制作させて頂きました。
「Stars Of Science」は、カタール財団によってアラブ諸国の発展の為に捧げられたTV番組です。アラブ8カ国(Egypt / KSA / Jordan / Lebanon / Morocco / Qatar / Tunisia / UAE)から

"Stars of Science" is an initiative by Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, to promote education and interest in science and technology in the Arab region.

REELVISION created the opening for the Award Ceremony for the finalists in 2013.

Selected young scientists from the Arab world (Egypt / KSA / Jordan / Lebanon / Morocco / Qatar / Tunisia / UAE) are given the chance to develop their projects. The program is a unique contest where the finalists, evaluated by world-class experts and TV audience, are awarded the opportunity to transform their projects into marketable products.